30th Anniversary, Christian Pacifism

30 Years ago– Quaker Life Magazine Cover
Cover art from my book [Originally pub. by Friends United Press. Now in ebook format for Kindle,  Nook, or PC.  See reviews on Amazon.


Christian Pacifism: For NOOK and PC  or Kindle and PC or Kindle, UK

Only three dollars

Susanna Combs, graphic artist. Designed from a double exposure photo that I took of a window in Greenfield, Ind., Methodist Church and missiles at Wright-Patterson AFB.

4 comments on “30th Anniversary, Christian Pacifism

  1. Michael Snow says:

    See Amazon for “Look Inside” feature where you can read of my journey from Marine to Christian pacifism.

  2. anafalz says:

    Just ordered the Kindle version and look forward to reading it.

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