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Series on 1 John:

One Another, Herding Cats

Who are “they”? 

-False teachers

Series on Parables of Jesus

Where Are the Disciples? 

A Yoke? Come Unto Me…



etc.Linked Index for Specific Articles:

The Holy Conjunction: AND

Where Are the Disciples? (vs. Memory Verse Theology)

ABBA (Father, not ‘Daddy’)

1 John: Who are “they”?

The Holy Conjunction a la Elton Trueblood

Dispensationalism & Rapture, Dr. Ben Worthington

Christ’s Coming: 1 Thessalonians vs. ‘Left Behind’

“I Want to Be Left Behind” (reblog) Matt. 24:36ff

Homosexuality, False Contexts…

House of the LORD–Not Made with Hands

God’s Assignment: Teach Your Children His Word

Teaching Children the Ten Commandments

The Great Commandment: Heart and Mind

In The Beginning

The following four articles [and The Great Commandment: Heart and Mind (above)] are from the book

Of Ponds and Pitfalls [What this verse means to me]

‘The Love Chapter’

Repentance And Forgiveness

Exhortation: “Beware. Be Faithful. Do Right in God’s sight.”

The Kingdom of God: In Your Midst (Not ‘within’)

Abba: Not ‘daddy’ 

“Born Again” Or “Born from Above”?

John 3:16…Keeping the Easter Message

The “Jesus’ Wife” Heresy

Two Swords: Enough

Romans “13″ In Context

30th Anniversary, Christian Pacifism

A Mustard Seed

Holy Week–Hosanna!

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