Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness–Now, also, in ebook format

InTestaments of Love, Leon Morris asks, “How do we
harmonize the assurance that ‘God is love’ with the assertion
that ‘our God is a consuming fire’? Most of us never
think about such problems, and in the end our idea of love is
indistinguishable from that of the world around us.”1

Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness: When Basics  Become Heresies. 

“…an excellent piece…one that many Christians need to hear”–R.C. Sproul on the essay, “When Love Becomes Heresy.”

The book (is)…an astringent corrective of misinterpreted love.” – Vernon Grounds, late Chancellor, Denver Seminary

[These posts, below, are excerpts from the book:  Exhortaton…do right;   Heart and Mind;  The Love Chapter; Of Ponds and Pitfalls;    Repentance and Forgiveness ]

Now available in ebook format through Barnes & Noble,  Kindle and Smashwords for 3 dollars.

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“Sometimes really great books are written by unknown authors; this is one of them.”The Determined Christian

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